Conference Chairs

Associate Professor. Maohua Li, Xi’an Siyuan University, China

Associate Professor. Siliang Liu, Jinan University, China

Program Chairs

Associate Professor. Wansong Zheng, Xi’an Siyuan University, China

Technical Committee Members

Associate Professor. Bin Shi, Xi’an Siyuan University, China

Professor. H.X Zhao, Dalian Vocational & Technical College, China

Prof. Regis Chireshe, University of South Africa, South Africa

Prof. Xiuqin Teng, Qilu Normal University, China

Prof. Ramezan ali Mahdavinejad, University of Tehran, Iran

Dr. Jin Qian, Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, China

Prof. M. Villari, University of Messina, Italy

Prof. Dr. Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Prof. X. H Zhao, Harbin Finance University, China

Prof. Tingting Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Prof. Shiqin Cao, Tianjing University of Technology, China

Prof. Maurice Odine, Florida A&M University, USA

Prof. X.b. Zhang, Qingdao University, China

Prof. Yonggang Wu, Guizhou University, China

Prof. Shanxiang Xi, Northwest University for Nationalities, China

Prof. Bhagavathi Tarigoppula, Bradley University, USA

Prof. Wei Fu, Chongqing University China, China

Prof. Rahim Jamian, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Zhifeng Ma, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

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